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Enhance Sustainability and Performance with Lower Carbon Footprint Plastic Additives

Arkema's Plastic Additives offer includes Impact Modifiers, Processing Aids and Toughening Agents that provide outstanding mechanical performance for plastics. 

Making it Easier to Develop Recyclable Materials

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Use our Durastrength® and Clearstrength® modifiers to:

  • Boost the recyclable content of applications using up to 100% recyclable PVC.
  • Maximize cost efficiency with engineering polymers using up to 30% recyclable content.
  • Design products for deck boards made of recycled materials.
  • Stabilize the morphologies of complex engineering polymer blends such as polycarbonate (PC) and polyesters that include recyclable content.


Improving the Processability of Recyclable Resins in Your Manufacturing


Use our Plastistrength® acrylic processing aids to:

  • Ensure good flowability of thermal-sensitive formulations that include recyclable content.
  • Maintain good thermoformability of final recycled products.

Additives Designed Specifically for Biopolymers


Use our Biostrength® biopolymer impact modifiers to:


  • Improve the performance of biopolymers such as polylactic acid (PLA).
  • Strengthen the performance of biopolymers in packaging, thermoformed sheets, and injection molding applications.