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Enhance the Mechanical properties of structural adhesives with Clearstrength® XT100  

Clearstrength® XT100  Toughener is a Thermosetting structural adhesives literally hold our world together. This white paper showcases the latest innovation from Arkema designed to enable better toughness in these applications by unlocking the ability of MBS core-shell products to disperse in low shear, low temperature environments. 

White paper XT 100
White paper XT 100

Introduction to PVC gelation and formulation with Kevin Yocca

While introducing the general properties of PVC suspension resin that make it unique for processors, Kevin Yocca discusses why PVC formulations can get complicated and presents so many options for optimized processing and customization by application.

Kevin Yocca - Introduction to PVC gelation and formulation webinar
Kevin Yocca - Introduction to PVC gelation and formulation webinar

Innovation spotlight

Arkema is a major global player in the manufacture of additives for PVC engineering plastics, biopolymers, and thermosetting resins. From acrylic and methacrylate-butadiene-styrene (MBS) impact modifiers to acrylic processing aids; our full range will overcome your expectations for the reinforcement and the processing of thermoplastics, and for the toughening and the preocess gain of thermosetting resins. 

Globe with glowing locations
Globe with glowing locations

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Interplastica 2022

from January 25th to January 28th, 2021

Moscow, Russia

Join us on Revada booth Pavilion 2 - Hall 2 - Booth B04


PVC Formulation

From march 1st to March 2nd, 2021

The Westin Cleveland Downtown Hotel, Cleveland, OH, USA

Discover the latest North American and global trends in PVC innovations to optimize and add value ...