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Transparent & Opaque Food Packaging and Thermoformed Film

Biostrength® impact modifiers increase the impact resistance of PLA used in a wide range of transparent and opaque packaging applications, including injection molded, calendaring, extrusion and thermoformed plastics. Plastistrength® processing aids open the processing window and allow compounders to easily achieve high quality blend morphology necessary for high impact performance, high flow behavior and additives dispersion.

 3D Printing

Plastistrength® acrylic lubricants and process aids can improve the production of products made via 3d printing through a variety of benefits, including eliminating sticking to hot metal, and high-quality blend morphology. Biostrength® impact modifiers increase the toughness of polyactic acid, even at low temperatures. Applications for bonding pastes include adhesives, composites, wind energy, electronics and 3d printing.



Biostrength® 150

High efficiency impact modifier for polylactic acid (PLA) opaque applications with high ambient and low temperature durability requirements

Biostrength® 280


Impact modifier designed to increase toughness of polylactic acid (PLA) while maintaining clarity

Plastistrength® L1000

Highly-efficient acrylic lubricant

Plastistrength® 552

Rheology modifier designed to increase melt strength and stabilize polymer morphologies allowing high impact strength, high flow behavior and additives dispersion