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Introduction to PVC gelation and formulation with Kevin Yocca


While introducing the general properties of PVC suspension resin that make it unique for processors, Kevin Yocca discusses why PVC formulations can get complicated and presents so many options for optimized processing and customization by application.

The focus revolves around suspension PVC for rigid vinyl applications but touches upon some basics of plasticized or flexible vinyl as well. Kevin talks about gelation theory, why lubricant balance is important, and how different additives can influence rheology, mechanical performance, and even weatherability. This talk is an introduction to PVC overall but also a lead-in for the next workshop, an introduction to acrylic impact modifiers and core-shell modifier chemistry.

Join us for the second part of this workshop:


Acrylic Impact Modifiers for PVC


The speaker will review the basics of core-shell chemistry focusing on acrylic technology and its advantages for mechanical property improvement and weatherability in PVC formulating.  Core principles of mechanical property improvement via stress concentrators for PVC matrices and formulations will be presented.  In addition to rheology and mechanical property enhancement via acrylic chemistry, the presentation will also provide perspective on choosing the best impact modifier based on specific formulation needs or application types where standards vary based on the final needs of the vinyl building product, for example.  The talk will follow-up on the principles covered in the introduction to PVC Gelation and Formulation.

ARK_0029096_BD.jpg XT 100

Boost the performance of your PLA resins


A key challenge today remains in the development of more environmental friendly thermoplastic solutions. Among the potentials, PLA with its biosourced monomer and its compostable capability, represents a very attractive sustainable lead.

However, its applicative properties need to be boosted in order to bridge to the performance of current non-biobased thermoplastics used in various applications (food contact, automotive, fibers…).

During this webinar, Christelle LEYMARIE will present Biostrength® product range developed to increase the processability (thermoforming, recycling, metal release) and the mechanical performance of transparent and non-transparent PLA.

How to develop a full range of core Shell toughening agent for thermosets ? 


In this webinar, Rabi Inoubli presents his understanding on how to enlarge its use in methacrylic (UV curable, structural adhesive) formulations.

He is also presenting new results in epoxy resins with Clearstrength®XT100 and the first results of our new additive especially devoted for more technical epoxy.