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Pipe and fittingsfoam core pipes and foam sheets

Durastrength® and Clearstrength® impact modifiers were created for excellent performance and cost for piping. Durastrength® offers extreme weatherability and heat stability in addition to increasing impact strength, even at low temperatures. Clearstrength® provides superior impact performances for CPVC pipe and fittings. Plastistrength® processing aids bring benefits to PVC processing. They offer improved cost performance versus traditional lubricant solutions.

Films and sheets

Clearstrength® impact modifiers have a large presence in the production of film and sheet products, offering excellent impact resistance. Plastistrength® process aids improve formulation metal release properties in extrusion and calendaring applications for film and sheet.

Roofing membranes and pool liners

Plastistrength® processing aids provide faster gelation and better welding, while Durastrength® provides enhanced cold bending resistance for PVC roofing membranes and pool liners.

PVC flooring

Plastistrength® processing aids contribute to better processability while Clearstrength® impact modifiers enhance the mechanical resistance of the top transparent layer for PVC-based flooring.