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Arkema Durastrength® and Clearstrength® impact modifiers and Plastistrength® process aids lead to high-performance luxury vinyl tile products.

Learn more about our PVC substrate formulations and acrylic additive selection for improved processing and impact strength by watching the video.
  • Diverse PVC additive product portfolio for all formulations
  • Improved melt strength and reliable rigid and semi-rigid PVC processing
  • Proven weatherability via acrylic copolymers for PVC building and construction products

Finding solutions for formulating luxury vinyl tile products has never been easier. With Durastrength® and Clearstrength® impact modifiers and Plastistrength® process aids, maintaining weatherability, durability, and transparency is core to providing you with unparalleled high-performance in the final product.

How Arkema plastic additives work with vinyl flooring

Clear vinyl wear layer:
  • Clear vinyl layer can be modified with specialty Arkema Clearstrength® impact modifiers and Plastistrength® process aids to maintain weatherability, durability, and transparency
  • Clearstrength® W300 impact modifier offers MBS chemistry for transparent, vinyl layers while maintaining durability and weatherability
Patterned vinyl aesthetic layer:
  • Weatherable vinyl print layer modified with Arkema Durastrength® impact modifiers and Plastistrength® process aids will provide mechanical integrity and UV protection helping aesthetics endure
  • Combining Durastrength® 350 impact modifier with Plastistrength® 550 and 770 process aids leads to a balanced vinyl formulation with excellent processing and impact strength
Reinforced vinyl backlayer:
  • Specialty Plastistrength® 562 process aid helps to incorporate high filler levels and provide consistent PVC melt processing while Durastrength® 4000 impact modifier can add mechanical integrity to tongue and groove assemblies
  • For vinyl foamed backlayer formulations, Plastistrength® 580 process aid offers ultra-high MW technology for improved melt strength and cellular structure

This new technology from Arkema can make opaque semi-rigid and flexible PVC formulating easier through enhanced melt strength and improved fusion promotion with Clearstrength® and Durastrength® impact modifiers and Plastistrength® process aids. Learn more about what our plastic additive product families can offer you and contact a member of our sales team today.


Plastistrength® 562 process aid offers processing consistency for highly filled formulations

  • Plastistrength® 562 process aid balanced melt processing and cost performance
  • Best suited for rigid LVT back layer and vinyl substrate formulations
  • Promotes fusion in formulations with elevated limestone / calcium carbonate levels
Component phr
PVC resin (0.82 IV) 100
Plasticizer (DOTP) 20
Plasticizer (ESBO) 10
CaZn stabilizer 2.5
Stearic acid 0.2
Process aid 0 or 3
Calcium carbonate (3 µm) 250
Titanium dioxide 2.5

Durastrength® 4000 impact modifier excels in highly filled PVC formulations

  • Durastrength® 4000 impact modifier provides expected impact performance while delivering benefits of acrylic fusion promotion
  • Best suited for rigid LVT backlayer and vinyl substrate formulations
  • Added mechanical integrity to tongue and groove assemblies
Component phr
PVC resin (0.91 IV) 100
Reverse ester Sn stabilizer (8% Sn) 1.0
Calcium stearate 1.2
Paraffin wax 1.0
Oxidized PE 0.1
Impact modifier 4.5
Calcium carbonate (0.7 µm) 20
Titanium dioxide 0.5

Plastics additives process aids & impact modifiers

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